The Basics of Magic (Energy Work)

Welcome to our first magic/energy work lesson ever!

Before we go any further, let's start with some basic terms:

Charm: 1. A verbal spell (spoken, written, or sung) that creates a vibrational shift in energy order to affect a desired change. 2. A small object possessing magical power, such as a talisman, ward, or amulet. We will be employing charms of both varieties.

Energy Work: The practice of sensing and shifting energy – by employing such activities such as visualization, focus, divine invocation, posture, and mudra (hand positions) – in order to affect positive change and bring intentions into form. Essentially, all magic is energy work, but the term “energy work” is generally used to refer to magical or metaphysical acts performed without the use of any physical tools.

Now that the definitions are out of the way, let’s talk basics. A solid grounding in the following basics will empower you to work successful magic of all varieties.

  • In the world of magic, the Divine means nature, and everything is nature – including you. So we are talking about the deepest possible alignment with Divine/Universe/Nature/God/ Goddess/All That Is. Which, in fact is who you are: your true identity. So magic is a means of transcending the illusion of your individual, finite self, tapping into the truth of Who You Really Are (i.e. the Divine), and then creating positive change according to your will.

I’ve provided clear guidance about when to begin the assignments in this class (more on that below) based on the energies at play during each week. Still, when planning future rituals, it will be helpful for you to know that aligning with the Divine also includes paying attention to timing. For example:

  • The Moon phases: When the Moon is waxing (between New and Full), we work magic related to expansion: gathering, gaining, enhancing, drawing toward. When the Moon is waning (between Full and Dark), we work magic related to contraction or diminishing: cleansing, clearing, banishing, and letting go.

  • The days of the week: Sunday is aligned with the Sun. Brightness, wealth, power, cleansing, and success are all sun-related intentions. Monday is aligned with the Moon. Receptivity, attraction, beauty, and intuition are all moon-related intentions. Tuesday is aligned with Mars. Action, victory, strength, and energy are all Mars-related intentions. Wednesday is aligned with Mercury. Communication, articulation, harmony, and smooth travel are all Mercury-related intentions. Thursday is aligned with Jupiter. Expansion, prosperity, and opportunity are all Jupiter-related intentions. Friday is aligned with Venus. Love, romance, harmony, and attractiveness are all Venus-related intentions. Saturday is aligned with Saturn. Boundaries, banishing, clearing, and protecting are all Saturn-related intentions.

  • The Moon sign: The Moon moves through astrological signs every 2-3 days. You can discover what sign the moon is in by checking our Instagram Stories or your monthly calendar:

  • Aries is a good sign for magic that initiates or sets things in motion.

  • Taurus is a good sign for magic related to physical objects, physical healing, or success in the physical world.

  • Gemini is great for magic related to ideas and dreams.