Taurus Season (Apr/May): Fertility

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

The Sun will be in Taurus:

From: April 19 at 1:33 PM (Los Angeles) 4:33 PM (New York) 9:33 PM (London) / April 20 at 6:33 AM (Sydney) 8:33 AM (Auckland) Until: May 20

- April 26 – Full Moon in Scorpio

- May 8 – New Moon, New Me – Taurus (workshop)

- May 11 – New Moon in Taurus

The Sun is in Taurus – the sign of fertility, reliability, and luxury. It's Taurus Season, sisters. YUMMY! 👅 This energy is accessible to everyone, not just those with Taurus placements. Ruled by Venus – the planet of pleasure, luxury, and beauty – Taurus wants to spoil you: life is delicious and Venus wants you to taste it! This season coincides with the Spring, the most fertile time of the year, making of Taurus Season an auspicious time for new investments, business, and creations; births and rebirths (it's never a bad time to reinvent yourself, love); Earth-or-nature-related projects like growing your own herbs at home, adopting a new furry child, or planting trees; money and sex magic rituals; learning and buying stocks; you get the idea! Fertility isn't just children: your art, your hard-earned money, and your creations are your babies too! Taurus reminds you that you are already fertile in everything you do.

Taurus, the Bull:

Taurus' avatar is The Bull. Also represented by Mother Earth – the self-contained source of all wealth and wellbeing – Taurus' spirit is generous, but shows no mercy, like Mother Nature. Natural laws apply to one and all with no exceptions, after all. Taurus is in love with the beauty of Earth and all the gifts she has to offer. The Sun in Taurus helps us see and appreciate the obvious and hidden treasures, power, wealth, and beauty of our home planet. At the same time, Taurus Season helps us get in touch with the simple joy of being alive and the pleasure that we can experience in our physical bodies. The bull reminds us that the human body is designed for the enjoyment of our experiences through our physical senses: smell, sight, touch, sound, and taste. Through the body, Spirit experiences this reality.

Taurus is the second overall and first earth-sign we encounter on our journey around the Zodiac. In