Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Solar Eclipse at 0° Degrees Cancer on June 21st at 2:41 AM Eastern Time (June 20th at 11:41 PM on the Pacific Coast).

In Astrology, the strongest and most important aspect is Sun – Moon Conjunction (when the Sun and the Moon meet at the same point in the sky), also known as a New Moon. It means all possibilities are on the table and you can rightly put yourself at the forefront of new plans for the future as the Sun and the Moon join forces to create a new portal of opportunities for us. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start, a new beginning, a brand new chapter. Every New Moon, I dedicate some time to sit down in a quiet place, put my phone in DND mode and meditate, pray, and set goals for the forthcoming Lunar cycle. I teach this to hundreds of astrology lovers from all over the world through my monthly experiences. A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon, but magnified.

A Solar Eclipse is just like a regular New Moon, where the Moon and the Sun are at the same point, however during a Solar Eclipse, the Earth joins them, so now we have the Sun, the Moon (in the middle), and Earth all lined up at the same point in the sky. This creates a super powerful portal. Where a New Moon sets the tone for the Lunar cycle (four weeks) ahead, the influence of a Solar Eclipses can be felt throughout the next six to eighteen months. For some, it is a time of crisis, whilst others find it a turning point that springboards them more easily to greener fields. Eclipses bring major changes. A ‘getting rid of the old before the new can come’ similar to an ‘opening of the gates’, so to speak. They synchronize with major shifts in the Collective's consciousness, a shift in vision on a higher level for our planet, often with a collective experience. I call them time portals. They act as a seed for future change: that moment where we ‘suddenly see the light’. Take a look at the world around us and what exploded around the time of the Sagittarius Eclipse on June 4th. Exactly.

Check Your 4th + Cancer Houses:

A Solar Eclipse in Cancer invites you to pay attention to your 4th House, (always ruled by Cancer). This is the territory of your current home, the people you share it with, what makes you feel safe, the emotions that your home triggers (which you have subconsciously programmed), as well as your childhood home, memories, and lessons. You also want to pay attention to your personal house* in Cancer. This is the life-area that will be magnified with this New Moon/Eclipse, where the "opening of the gates” tends to happen. It’s in your best interest to swim with the current, not against it. That means, paying attention to whatever events happen around this Eclipse and find the messages and lessons you are meant to learn through them. Be reflective, not reactive. Especially, as this is the most powerful of 2020! Not only does it fall just moments after the Summer Solstice, but it’s also at zero degrees of Cancer. The Cosmos is quite literally open a new door for us.

*You can generate your birth chart here to see your houses.

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