Mercury – The Messenger

Updated: May 10

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Mercury, the Roman God, often carried the baton that signifies wisdom with him. Mercury's Caduceus is the emblem of the medicine in the modern world. The two snakes surrounding a pole with wings and a circle on the top signify the spine, consciousness, and the rising of the Kundalini through them.

The Greeks called Mercury Hermes. He was God's messenger, as well as a great orator, and teacher. Mercury corresponds to the Hindu Monkey God - Hanuman, known for unrivaled wisdom and great feats. The Hindus also know him as Saram, "the divine watchman who 'watches over the golden flock of stars and solar rays'".

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. He is the hottest, quickest, and smallest planet, as well. One Mercurian year (the time it takes to orbit the Sun) is 88 earthly days. Most of the time, it is hard to observe Mercury because the Sun's brightness normally hides it from view.

Moving the fastest of any of the planets, Mercury symbolizes the concept of speed. Like Mercury, our mind out-races every other part of our being. It is Mercury that makes it possible to change, to forget, to destroy, and to create instantaneously. Magic manifests in an instant. Through speed, Mercury, our mind, and magic conceal from us their inner workings.