Libra Season (Sep 22 to Oct 22)

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Virgo Season Astrology 2021

The Sun will be in Libra:

From: September 22 at 12:20 PM (Los Angeles) 2:20 PM (New York) 10:20 PM (London) / September 23 at 7:20 AM (Sydney) 9:20 AM (Auckland) Until: October 22

The Sun visits a new astrological sign every month setting the theme for the season ahead. You’re probably most familiar with these periods, as they determine your personal Sun sign (also known as “zodiac” sign). Our Sun sign gets the most attention because it is the most obvious and the easiest to identify, however everyone’s birth charts contain every sign. What’s more important: each of the twelve archetypes is encoded somehow and some way in everybody’s psyche already. Most are just not aware of this.

Key Dates:

Libra – Relationships:

In Astrology, the sky is divided into twelve signs (or Houses): six below the horizon and six above it. Libra is the seventh sign. In the first six (from Aries through Virgo) we are concerned with self-discovery and personal growth. From Libra onwards, we bring our focus towards the outer world: from relationships and partnerships (Libra); through intimacy (Scorpio), expansion (Sagittarius), and career (Capricorn); to the collective, the future of humanity, and the afterlife (Aquarius and Pisces).

Libra symbolizes our first encounter above the horizon. It’s human nature to seek companionship and desire to share, cooperate, and interact harmoniously with others. With Libra, we address how to function in an expanded reality that includes more than just ourselves and the dynamics of social and interpersonal interactions. Libra Season is your yearly reminder to work on your relationships (romantic and non-romantic) and what they mean for you. In Libra territory, love, mutual respect, balance, reciprocity, and the multiple layers and interpretations of 'masculine x feminine’ are hot topics.

Every sign represents an archetypal theme. Lib