June Full Moon in Capricorn – Tough or Vulnerable?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Full Moon at 03° Capricorn:

Thursday June 24 at 11:39 AM (LA) 2:39 PM (NYC) 7:39 PM (LON) / Friday June 25 at 4:39 AM (SYD) 6:39 AM (NZ)


MODALITY: Cardinal


HOUSE: 10th – Career + Public Image

Capricorn Energies to Release

Controlling, Greediness, Dishonesty, Corruption, Lack of Structure, Lack of Order, Lack of Ambition, Issues with Money, Lack of Accountability, Victimhood, Abuse of Power.

Mantra for the Full Moon

I am a force to be reckoned with. I am indestructible.

I’ve built and rebuilt myself from the ground multiple times.

Once a month, the Sun and the Moon land in opposite zodiac poles – exactly 180° away from each other – creating a Full Moon. The Sun is in Cancer until July 22 this year, therefore, this Full Moon will take place in Capricorn – Cancer' opposite pole on the zodiac wheel – exactly at 03°. This Full Moon sheds light on our hidden nature, the mysteries that lie beneath the realities we normally choose to see. Capricorn deals with authority (and the abuse of it), structures (and the lack of them), our relationship to the patriarchy and men in our lives, our responsibilities and resources (and how we manage them), karma, limitations, restrictions, and obligations. Yep, Capri isn't everyone's favorite energy. I see it as he's giving us that tough love, seeing our greatness and taking none of our excuses.

Under the Moon's bright light we can see ourselves, our circumstances, and those around us with more clarity. Suddenly, we are not only aware of the good and pretty, but the not so good and ugly, as well. Full Moons are uncomfortable by nature, because they inevitably show us what we are used to ignore, hide, or deny. Unlike New Moons – who represent births and beginnings – Full Moons represent culminations, fulfillment, and endings. Their bright light also points out what ideas, cycles, and relationships have peaked or are bound to end in our lives. They show us who and what we need to let go

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