December Full Moon (In Gemini)

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

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Full Moon at 27° Gemini:

When: Saturday Dec 18 at 8:35 PM (LA) 11:35 PM (NYC) / Sunday Dec 19 at 4:35 AM (LON)

Every month, the Sun and the Moon find themselves on opposite poles of the zodiac wheel. Since they're right in front of each other, the Sun's light illuminates the totality of the Moon's surface, creating a Full Moon. This year, the Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21, so this Full Moon falls in Gemini (Sagi's opposite pole).

Lunar qualities such as intuition, premonitions, and creativity reach a peak during these nights: use your increased emotional strength and subconscious awareness to take an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships. Under the Moon's bright light we can see ourselves, our circumstances, and those around us with more clarity. We are no longer only aware of the good and pretty, but also the not so good and ugly. This is where the gold's at!

Unlike New Moons – which represent births and beginnings – Full Moons represent culminations, fulfillment, and endings. Full Moons mark the end of the cycle that began with a New Moon in the same sign six months prior. The lunar light points out to what ideas, cycles, and relationships have peaked and are in need for transformation. Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed after all. So Full Moons show us where in our life, energy needs to be acknowledged and transmuted. This Full Moon is linked to the New Moon in Gemini (which was a Solar Eclipse: an amplified New Moon) on June 10.

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What's the meaning of this Full Moon?

The Gemini Full Moon is the final Full Moon of this year. The endings aspect of regular Full Moons is more important than ever now. The opposition of the Sun and Moon in opposing signs acts as a catalyst for change. Full Moons expose what is hidden or overlooked through denial and ignorance. A Full Moon in the Gemini / Sagittarius axis reveals mistaken information and deceptive beliefs. It illuminates the shadowy corners of our minds, so that we can investigate thoughts and mindsets that prevent clear, accurate, and truthful thinking. It shows us where our arrogance, rigidness, judgmentalism, and fanaticism bend our arrow away from the truth. Superficiality and duplicity (Gemini's immature expressions) are also exposed. All o