(Blue) Full Moon in Taurus - October 31st 2020

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

pisces full moon september 2020

Full Moon at 8° Taurus

Taurus (Blue) Full Moon

Oct 31 07:49 AM PT – 10:49 AM ET – 2:49 PM GMT / Nov 1 01:49 AM AEDT

Theme of the Month:

Shadow-Self, Darkness, Sexuality, Sacral Chakra, Procreation, Ancestors.

Taurus Full Moon Mantras:

"I am fertile even at my darkest."

"Sex is devotion. Sex is power."

"I can create from the deepest and most mysterious places within me."

Taurus Full Moon Journal Prompts:

1. What are my beliefs about death? How do I connect, honor, or communicate with the Dead or my Ancestors?

2. What are some dark or limiting beliefs about "the occult" that I'm ready to release? How am I ready to transform fear into courage, curiosity, and power?

3. What areas of my sexuality have I not explored yet?

4. How can I use sex to release with this Full Moon these nights?

Exactly two weeks after every New Moon, there is a Full Moon: the Moon has moved 180 degrees away from the Sun and she's now on the opposing pole. Under the Full Moon's bright light, we can see ourselves and those around us with more clarity. We can see both the good and the not so good, which can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Read about the basics of Full Moons and how to work with them here. Full Moons' energy is felt up to 4 to 5 days after the lunation, so this energy is strong over the weekend and during the week ahead.